Tofu Mold/ Tofu Maker 170X170X120mm (D-01)

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    The Best Choice for Kitchen Preparation!

    Key Features


    Material:FDA approved food grade PP


    Origin : Taiwan


    • FDA approved food grade safety material

    • Ideal kitchen tool for households

    • Tofu kit includes a tofu box, a tofu press, a sheet cloth, tofu mold instructions and tofu making instructions

    • This kit provides six pieces and requires assembly, easy to assemble

    • Dishwasher safe

    • No odor harmless, environmental health, durable

    • Use it to make your own tofu

    • BPA free

    • Custom sizes are available

    LOTBOARD Tofu Mold Assembly Instructions

    1. Lay board A up and cross lap the lap portion of the joint with board C.

    2. Lay board B up and cross lap with C (B's grooved side fronts on to A's grooved side.)

    3. Slide board E into the grooves.

    4. Cross lap board D with A and B.

    Product Certification

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